Monday, November 26, 2012

Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Janet Gray

Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Janet Gray is a historical fiction book about a boy named Adam and all of his adventures. Adam is eleven, and has pretty well raised himself. Adam’s father is a minstrel in London. When Adam was old enough, he was able to travel across London with his dad, Roger. Adam’s closest friend is his dog Nick. Along the way Adam meets many people and makes lots of new friends, but when Adam loses both Roger and Nick, how will they find each other again? I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of eight. I loved Adam’s personality! He was such a good spirit and always had his head held high. This character and I are close to the same age and it is hard to imagine dealing with the things Adam faced in his journey. As a young minstrel there is a lot of music involved in his job. I love music and sing all of the time! This book is definitely my favorite so far and I will always love it.     -Rockin' Robin, age 10

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden

The Cricket In Times Square is a book about an adventurous, musical cricket from Connecticut. While Chester searches for food at a hometown picnic, he ends up on a train headed to New York City! When the train stops at Times Square, the excitement begins! Chester meets a family who owns a newsstand, a mouse who has an eye for talent, and a friendly cat while in Times Square but are his new friends and his show schedule enough for Chester the Cricket to be truly happy? 
I really enjoyed reading about Times Square and hope to visit NYC one day soon. I definitely recommend The Cricket in Times Square! Book level (4.9)  - Little Sunshine, age 9

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Blog Girls Promote the Vote!


     Today, The Bookstack Blog girls and I set out to visit a local preschool. We've been studying the electoral process this semester and the girls wanted to share a bit of their excitement for tomorrow's presidential election so I contacted a local preschool administrator where the girls attended an after school program a few years back. Fortunately, she is young and energetic and all about bringing fun and interactive learning to her students!
     Rockin' Robin enjoyed reading Duck for President aloud to a group of enthusiastic 3 and 4 year olds before Little Sunshine helped them to cast their vote in a candy election! Skittle Vs. M&M's and Skittles came out on top! I hope they enjoyed their Skittles treat we left behind. The teacher election had quite a different outcome with M&M's taking a staggering 75% of the vote! Yes, the teachers were awarded with an M&M treat.
     This mom enjoyed getting the girls out of the house for a bit and watching them interact with the younger ones. Now we can only hope that these preschoolers will do as instructed when they get home and encourage mom and dad to vote! And I only hope you will do the same!
                                                                                                                                   - Homeschool Mom

Little Saints Director tallying the votes!

Today I went to a preschool to read to the kids about the the election tomorrow. I read the book Duck for President to them. After I finished the book, my mom, my sister, and I did a candy election between Skittles and M & Ms. Just before we left we tallied the vote and told the total to the kids. We left a bag of each candy to the teachers and we were on our way. I had a great time and I hope they did too!                                                                      - Rockin' Robin

Making their voices heard!

Today I had a bunch of fun! I had fun because I got to meet lots of kids and got to watch them have fun. The kids got to learn about elections and they got to vote and see what it feels like to vote. I think they enjoyed our visit. I love to watch all of the kids learn. Our visit brought back some good memories because my sister and I went to daycare there a few years ago. The kids got to vote for Skittles or M&M's and we brought candy for them! I hope the kids like their Skittles and M&M's this morning. I was so happy to be there.
                                                                                                 - Little Sunshine


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Duck for President by Doreen Cronin

Our November book feature is Duck for President! Duck was Farmer Brown's number one helper. Though all the animals on the farm had chores, Duck's were the hardest. Every day he returned to the barn covered in bits of grass and espresso beans, tired and thinking his chore list was not quite fair! Then, one day after doing his chores, he was so tired that he decided to have a farm election. Not satisfied with the outcome of that situation, he decided to run for Governor and then President! When Duck realizes the amount of work and responsibility involved in leadership, will Duck's campaign trail continue?
Children young and old can learn from this book and all will enjoy the colorful illustrations! Duck for President is a perfect read aloud for this presidential election year.
(Book Level 3.9)
- Rockin' Robin, age 10