Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Piper Reed, Campfire Girl by Emily Willis Holt

Me with some friends and family hanging out around the campfire!
    Piper Reed, Campfire Girl is a book about a girl named Piper Reed. Piper has a club named The Gypsy Club. Piper, her club, and her family are going on a camping trip and they leave the day before Halloween! Piper is not happy when she figures out they have to take their new club member, Stanley Hampshire.  She thinks he is an annoying person who only likes to talk about moving from place to place. To make matters worse, they have to take care of the family dog, Bruna.
     Reading this book brought back great memories for me. I enjoyed making up fun clubs with my friends at school. It also makes me remember when me and my friends were sitting around the campfire at my house (in the picture). And my favorite birthday party was when we pitched tents and camped outside!
    I recommend  this book to anyone - boy or girl! You will be hooked from the start! (Book Level 3.4 ) Hope you like the book.
                                                                                            - Little Sunshine - age 9

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