Friday, September 21, 2012

September's Book Feature - Edgar Allan Poe

   Poetry for Young People’s - Edgar Allan Poe is our September feature! The book begins with an introduction that gives details of Poe’s life and works followed by poems and poetic passages from some of his longer prose works. With this book we were able to discuss poetry and prose while learning about one of history’s most significant authors of such writings. The girls were also entertained by the selections in the book. Poems such as “The Raven” and “Eldorado” are great read-alouds!
    Since many of Poe’s works portray the darkness that consumed much of his life we feel it is a great selection to read as we approach October 31st! I would suggest this as a parent/child read as there are some dark themes. As for an age recommendation, my girls were 8 and 9 and enjoyed it very much!   - Homeschool Mom

   Edgar Allan Poe is a book full of poems that are both scary and exciting. Some are so scary that one time they made me have a nightmare! Some of his poems are not scary but touch your heart.
    My favorite poem is “Annabel Lee”. This poem is not scary but is sad and is one of the poems that will touch your heart. The poem that made me have a nightmare is “Eldorado”. It’s about a knight who is trying to find gold and he realized a shadow was following him. You might want to read this one if you like a good scare!
    I recommend this book to for ages 7 and up and you might want to read it with your mom or dad. And it is great for anyone who likes poetry! If you decide you might want to read this book, read it around Halloween!
 - Little Sunshine, age 9

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